Collective Forum / Colony – Rules, Guidelines & FAQs

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Forum & Group Rules

-No Spam, Advertising, Self-Promotion – This includes trying to sell good and services through affiliate links.

Do Not Post Copyright-Infringing Material

-Do Not Post Offensive Material – Anything that may be deemed as “offensive”, including race, religion, nudity and sexuality, is strictly prohibited.

-Hate Speech Strictly Prohibited Posting hate speech will result in an immediate ban.

Be Respectful to All Members at All Times – It is okay to disagree and share your perspective. Refrain from attacking, insulting and belittling other members. We want the colony to be a place for all ages and walks of life.

-NO SPAMMING OR MANIPULATION OF GAMFICATION TO FRIVILOUSLY GAIN CREDITS, XP, ACHEIVEMENTS OR RANK – “Breaking the game” is unfair to other colonist. The point of the gamification of this site is to give merit to colonist who help and positively interact with the collective. Gamification also helps colonist gauge the quality of responses on a particular topic from a fellow colonist. For this reason, we take “Game Breaking Spam” very seriously. Anyone caught doing this will be banned from the colony.

-Promotion of Illicit and Illegal Activities Prohibited – This is a law-abiding colony.  We will not tolerate any discussion on hacking, cracking software, piracy, etc.

-Do Not Upload or Link Content with Malicious Code or Viruses – Will result in a permanent ban from the colony.

-Irrelevant Topics, Replies & Posts Will Be Deleted – Topics, posts & replies deemed irrelevant or ambiguous will be subject to deletion. Multiple offenses will result in banishment from the colony.

Forum & Group Guidelines

-Search For Answers Before Posting Any Topic – We absolutely encourage everyone to post topics as often as possible. However, multiple posts on the same topics/questions will degrade the quality of the collective and negatively impact the experience for all colonists.

-Creating New Forums – New forums are currently created by moderators only. If you would like a forum to be created, you can send a request below. While we can’t guarantee the forum will be created, we will definitely respond back.

Time-Out / Ban Appeals

Please use the contact form below to appeal a ban or time-out. You will be contacted by an admin within 48 hours.


What happens if any of the rules of the colony are broken?

A. Breaking any of the rules of the site may result in a warning, revocation of game progress (e.g. Credits, XP, Badges, Rank) or banishment from the colony. Colonist who break the rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

What do I do someone posts something that breaks the rules of the colony?

A. Every post, topic, reply and colonist have a report button attached. Just hover over the offender or offensive material and click the report button. You may also use the contact for below. Please include the username or link to the offensive material.