Just Arrived

Just Arrived Occupation Rank Badge of astronaut

Welcome to the Wired Colony!  You have only just arrived.  This is your beginning rank with many more to gain. First, you need to gain more XP to build a new and improved space suit.

Should you stay, there are many adventures and contributions to made for the good of the collective.  Help other colonists to earn your place among the ranks.  Make friends and have them join your inner circle.   Share ideas, information and ask questions that will help others in the collective.

You will be awarded for your efforts with rank, badges, achievements, credits & XP.  Your efforts in Wired Colony never go unnoticed.  Slowly build your reputation and eventually you will be recognized through your accomplishments.  Carry on with the clout you deserve with a colony that appreciates you. Share your knowledge and find the answers you seek, within the collective.

Ranks are earned by:

  • Helping and making contributions to the colony.
  • Making friends and adding them to your inner circle.
  • By vote through elections.
  • Handed down by higher ranks for distinguished services to the colony.