Hell Let Loose Game 5-Point Review

World War II soldiers in uniform with gear from Hell Let Loose

Last updated on May 27, 2023

If you are looking for a realistic and immersive World War II shooter game, you should definitely check out Hell Let Loose. This game is a masterpiece of historical accuracy, stunning graphics and intense teamwork. In this review, I will tell you why I love this game and why you should give it a try.

Hell Let Loose is a game that puts you in the shoes of a soldier in one of the most brutal wars in history. You can choose from 14 different roles, such as infantry, tank crew, medic, engineer, sniper and more. Each role has its own weapons, equipment and abilities that suit different play styles and situations. You can also customize your appearance with authentic uniforms and helmets from different factions and divisions.

Maps Match Historical Setting

The game features 11 maps that are based on real locations from the Western and Eastern fronts of World War II (Plus 2 more maps with the free British DLC). Each map is huge, covering 4 square kilometers of terrain. The maps are also very detailed and realistic, with buildings, roads, fields, forests, hills and rivers that match the historical setting. You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance on the Carentan map, or the ruins of Stalingrad on the Stalingrad map. The maps also have dynamic weather and time of day effects that add to the immersion and challenge.

Stellar Graphics

One of the most impressive aspects of Hell Let Loose is the graphics. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 to create stunning visuals that make you feel like you are really there. The textures, lighting, shadows and reflections are all very high quality and realistic. The game also has amazing particle effects for explosions, smoke, fire and dust. The animations are smooth and natural, especially for the vehicles and weapons. The game also supports ray tracing for even more realism and beauty.

To show you how beautiful this game is, here are some screenshots that I took while playing:

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20230519131818 1

This is the Omaha Beach map, which is based on D-Day, the allied invasion of Europe in Normandy. You can see the beach obstacles with bodies and body parts strewn all around. In the background you can see the armada of ships that approached the coast that day, and in the sky the anti-aircraft balloons litter the sky. Facing the other way we can see the daunting trek Allied soldiers made across the beach while being attacked by machine gun nests, snipers and relentless pounding of artillery.

20230523161311 1
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20230523161524 1

This is the Stalingrad map, which is based on the siege of Stalingrad in Russia. You can see the war torn landscape with rubble and ruins. You can also see the Volga River and the factories in the distance.

![Hurtgen Forest map](https://i.imgur.com/0JlQa5f.jpg)

20230524160144 1
20230524160142 1
20230524145541 1

This is the Hurtgen Forest map, which is based on the battle of Hurtgen Forest in Germany. You can see the dense forest with leafless trees and fog. You can also see the remnants of a battle, a burning Jeep and a destroyed brick structure.

The Sounds

Another thing that makes Hell Let Loose stand out is the sound design. The game has excellent sound effects that capture the atmosphere and intensity of war. You can hear the bullets whizzing by your head, the shells landing near you, the screams of your allies and enemies, the engines of the tanks and planes, and the commands of your squad leader. The game also has a great soundtrack that matches the mood and theme of each map. The voice acting is also very good, with authentic accents and languages for each faction.

Teamwork and Communication is the Way

But what really makes Hell Let Loose a unique and fun game is the teamwork aspect. The game is not a typical run-and-gun shooter where you can lone wolf your way to victory. You need to work together with your squad and team to achieve your objectives and win the match. The game has two modes: Offensive and Warfare. In Offensive mode, one team attacks while the other defends a series of sectors on the map. In Warfare mode, both teams fight for control over five sectors in a tug-of-war style.

The game supports up to 100 players per match, with 50 players on each team. Each team is divided into squads of 2-6 players each. Each squad has a leader who can communicate with other squad leaders and the commander via voice chat. The squad leader can also place rally points, garrisons, markers and orders for their squad members. The commander is the highest authority on the team who can coordinate the overall strategy and call in support such as artillery strikes, bombing runs, supply drops and recon planes.

Supplies & Resource System

The game also has a resource system that adds another layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay. Each team has three types of resources: manpower, munitions and fuel. These resources are generated by capturing sectors on the map and building nodes with engineers. The resources are used by the commander to call in support or activate abilities such as faster respawn or increased damage. The resources are also affected by casualties, so losing too many soldiers will reduce your manpower resource.

Must Have Game for World War II Enthusiasts

All these features make Hell Let Loose a game that requires communication, coordination and cooperation to succeed. You need to listen to your squad leader and commander, follow their orders, support your teammates, capture objectives, defend positions, build fortifications, repair vehicles, heal wounded allies and more. You also need to be aware of your surroundings, use cover, flank enemies, suppress fire, conserve ammo and avoid friendly fire. The game is challenging but rewarding when you work together as a team.

Hell Let Loose is a game that I highly recommend to anyone who loves World War II games or realistic shooters in general. It is a game that will keep you immersed for hours with its amazing graphics, sound design and gameplay mechanics. It is also a game that will test your skills as a soldier and as a team player. If you are looking for a game that will make you feel like you are part of history, look no further than Hell Let Loose. HLL is playable on Steam, XBOX and Playstation 5.

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