SOLVED: Palworld Crashing UE-Pal Error

Palworld UE-Pal crash fix title

Last updated on February 11, 2024

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If you are a fan of Palworld, you might have encountered a frustrating issue that causes the game to crash and display a message saying “UE-Pal”. This error seems to occur when you try to load a saved game that was created in multiplayer mode but is being played in single player mode.

Screenshot 2024 01 26 125118

Palworld UE-Pal Crash Multiplayer Workaround (New Method)

UPDATE (01/28/2024): If your multiplayer game is crashing follow the instruction below. You will need to load into a NEW Single Player instance/world after starting the game. Then, you can just quit the new world to the title screen and load into your original saved game. I have tested this, and it seems to work most of the time (It is not perfect). You will only have to load into this newly created instance/world each time you exit the game to Windows.

  1. Create a new Palworld instance/world.
  2. For the new Palworld instance/world, make sure to TURN OFF Multiplayer. (see below for instructions on how to turn off Multiplayer)
  3. Load into new instance/world and then Exit the new instance/world to Title Screen.
  4. Load your original saved game with multiplayer ON. Game should load normally now.

If you are still having issues, try loading into your Original saved game in single player mode (instructions below) and then move your character far away from your base and pals. Exit to title screen, turn multiplayer back ON, and try to load in again. Let me know if you have any issues.

Palworld UE-Pal Crash Single Player Workaround (Old Method)

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround that can help you fix this problem and enjoy the game without crashes. However, you should be aware that this fix will disable multiplayer mode for the affected save file, so you won’t be able to play online with other players. If you are okay with that, follow these steps to fix the game crashes on Palworld for “UE-Pal” error:

1. Open Palworld.

2. On the main menu, click on “Start Game” to open the saved game screen.

Screenshot 2024 01 26 125355

3. Select the save file that is crashing.

Screenshot 2024 01 26 134103

4. Click on the button that says “Change World Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot 2024 01 26 125421 2

5. Go to “Multiplayer” and switch it from “On” to “Off” and click “OK”

Screenshot 2024 01 26 125632
Screenshot 2024 01 26 125652 1

7. Now choose your saved game and click on “Start Game” to load your save file and play the game.

Palworld crash fix start game

Conclusion – UE-Pal Crash

That’s it! You should be able to play Palworld without any crashes or errors. However, remember that this fix will disable multiplayer mode for your save file, so you won’t be able to host online sessions with other players.

If you want to play multiplayer again, you will have to create a new save file or switch back the multiplayer option to “On” for your existing save file. However, this might cause the game to crash again. Keep in mind, this is an ongoing issue, and we expect Palworld developers resolve this problem without having to turn-off multiplayer mode.

We hope this guide helped you fix the game crashes on Palworld for “UE-Pal” error. Please let us know if you have found any workarounds other than the one described above. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy gaming!


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